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If content is the cornerstone of modern marketing strategies, then brand is the foundation. Your identity says everything about your company or service.

The linchpin of your image

While a logo is sometimes the linchpin that holds a brand identity together and makes it instantly recognisable, brands aren't built on logos alone. When creating a brand identity, Balanced makes sure we always consider the bigger picture and how all the smaller elements interact with one another. That's how we deliver an exceptional brand for our clients.

A handy brand book

At the end of the creative process, we'll present a complete, worked-up brand. This will include the primary brand logo in formats for print and digital use, and any alternate versions needed such as an avatar for social media. We'll also provide an easy-to-follow 'brand handbook', detailing your fonts, colour pallet, how to use the logo in different situations, the tone of voice for written comms, styling for narrative images, and everything else you'll need to present a slick professional and consistent image.

Balanced Agency provides branding and identity design services for charities, startups and SMEs, helping to define your business, what you offer, what you believe in, and why the audience should care.

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The Cheese Tasting Company

Marc Bates, Balanced Agency's creative director worked closely with Ned Palmer, affineur and owner of The Cheese Tasing Company to create a new identity for the company. We designed a new logo, colour pallet and a suite of bold but straightforward marketing assets. A new website was developed to present the brand and company proposition more clearly to customers.

Services provided

  • Brand identity design & deployment

  • Marketing strategy

  • Personal branding for key staff

  • SEO development

  • Stationery design & production

  • Strategy for social media

  • Website content (words & images)

  • Website design

Marc did a fantastic job rebranding The Cheese Tasting Co. He built a new website and introduced me to content marketing. His process is creative, so it's very enjoyable to work with him, and he's got an excellent understanding of small scale craft/artisan food businesses."

​Ned Palmer, Founder, The Cheese Tasting Company

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