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A five-year balancing act

Five years ago this month I launched Balanced Agency. The mission was simple, to create my dream job and provide creative marketing support for smaller charities, startups & SMEs. It's been a fantastic five years and to celebrate I thought a facelift was in order – for the company not for me (possibly next year). I've evolved the brand, created a shiny new website and have launched on Instagram. Take a look.

Sharper image

The new brand is clean and sharp. Square, not rounded corners. Lobster Two has been replaced with Futura Light, and antique gold has turned to Yorkshire Grey, with just a touch of turquoise (or coral).

Services first

The new website, built in Wix (because we are Wix Experts here), is easy to navigate and focuses on six clear service areas. Services are illustrated through images of client projects with a couple of case studies. And obviously the blog is back.

So many pictures

What started as a pure consultancy firm has become a very visual studio. Most projects now involve design services at one level or another, such as branding, website development or brochure design. So that's why Balanced is now on Instagram, ‘cos there's something pretty to share.

Virtual team, real results

One of the unique features of Balanced Agency has always been our virtual team, and that's not changing. Although I'm based Southwark (South London), the agency has an extensive network of creative experts from many disciplines. Because we all work remotely, the company overheads are very low, so clients pay for talent, not fancy London offices.

So, check the new look and tell me what you think.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Balanced!

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Post by Marc Bates

After more than 20 years working in advertising, content marketing and contract publishing, Marc set up Balanced Agency in 2014. The simple mission was to help charities, startups and SMEs develop great marketing campaigns. Five years later Marc's clients come from a broad range of sectors: from diversity education to document management, interior design to industrial boilers, and health and safety to unique corporate events. Contact Marc

About Balanced Agency

At Balanced Agency, we provide full-service creative marketing support for charities, startups & SMEs. We work as and when you need us. Our services and hours are tailored to meet your exact needs. Because, just like a bespoke suit, a marketing partner has to fit well, or it doesn't fit at all. Visit website

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