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From launching a new product to breaking into a different sector or expanding a service offering, we'll help you to create a plan targeted precisely to your business needs, resources, budget and time constraints. And we'll make it straightforward and simple. At Balanced Agency, we work with you to develop and deploy marketing strategies that get results.

Jargon, busted

Jargon conceals meaning. You won't find any crazy marketing-specific-lingo here. We don't reach out or touch base, we're not going to suggest shifting a paradigm, leveraging a best practice or opening the kimono (whatever that means). Instead, we will think hard about your goals and communicate questions and plans clearly. Hard work, simple English and relevant sector-specific terms when needed. No tiger teams here.

Plan, delivered

Great marketing is all about providing audiences with valuable, relevant and entertaining information. That's where Balanced comes in. We will develop the ideas and then write, design and craft the assets you need: a brand, a website, brochures, stationery, event stands and even customised apparel. Whatever you need we will plan it around your audience's preferences, making sure it's compelling enough to get the results you want.



Lone Worker Solutions (LWS)

LWS, the developers of the marketing leading Safe Hub safety application for lone workers, hired Balanced as their satellite marketing department. We offer a wide range of services on an ongoing basis. Such as completely rebranding the organisation in 2016, the design and build of a new website in 2018, and all the company's current marketing strategy, SEO, events, content marketing and social media management.

WHAT we provided

  • Brand identity design & deployment.

  • Branded merchandise.

  • Brochure design.

  • Content planning & development.

  • Exhibition stand design & event collateral.

  • Marketing strategy.

  • Personal branding for key staff.

  • Picture editing.

  • SEO.

  • Stationery design.

  • Sales strategy integration.

  • Social media management.

  • Video production, concept and management.

  • Website design, build & development

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Marc provided a no-nonsense approach to content development. He always recommended straightforward and practical solutions that aided functionality and audience comprehension. He presented technical detail in a way that was clear and easy for our customers to access, and offered a very cost-effective service."

George Stavrinidis, CEO Lone Worker Solutions

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