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Creating stories to attract, engage & retain audiences

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

London Design Fair content for Field Grey by Balanced Agency
Creating stories to Attract, engage & retain audiences

Everyone's talking about content marketing, but what does it really mean? Content marketing is all about providing audiences with valuable, relevant and entertaining information. Storytelling if you like. Because the story is both informative and entertaining, the audience engages with it. This provides you with an opportunity to change or enhance their behaviour. Instead of pitching your services, you are delivering valuable information that your audience wants to see, so they reward you with their loyalty.

Creating Content

Of course creating the content is the real trick. And that’s where we can help.Every product and service has a story; it might be about how your latest innovation improves someone’s business, or how supporting your charity makes a difference to someone’s wellbeing. Whatever the story, we can help you find it, craft it for your target audience, and make sure it's compelling enough to get the results you want. We don’t use templates or content generating software. We use talented people. That isn't the cheapest way, but it is the best way to create content that actually works. We choose editors and contributors, designs and photographers from our extensive network of talent, making sure their skills and experience exactly match your industry sector.

As a full-service agency, Balanced specialises in branding and content marketing for charities, start-ups, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's). Our aim is to develop targeted communications strategies and then to create practical, compelling and cost-effective marketing assets. Balanced is based in Camberwell in the London borough of Southwark but works with clients across the UK. Our customers come in a wide range of charity, B2B and consumer-facing sectors.

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